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Testing times

Exams are tough, and when you’re studying for major exams (like GCSEs and A-Levels) things can get stressful. You might feel scared, overwhelmed and under pressure to do well. If you don’t manage these feelings in the right way, they can lead to anxiety and even depression.

Although exams are important, you can make a happy, fulfilling and successful life for yourself if things don’t work out how exactly as you’d expected. Remember anything is possible!

Top tips for coping with exam stress

Drink plenty of water

Take care of yourself; make time to exercise everyday, get enough sleep, eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

Take time out to have fun! Its not healthy to be revising all of the time – its good to have a balance of work and play!


Try drawing up a simple revision plan so you know what to revise, and can track your progress.

Exams are always hard work, but its only for a few weeks then you have plenty of time to have fun and do whatever you want – so give it your best.


Speak to someone if you need to vent or get things off your chest.

Pehaps try revising with a friend who is taking the same exam so that you can help and test each other.

Need urgent help?

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