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Friends - good and bad

Friends and friendships can make or break your world. So it’s good to think about what makes relationships strong and work, and some of the signs that a relationship is not good for you.

Good friends

  • help you feel good about yourself
  • make you happy so you feel positive about life and enjoy it even more
  • accept and respect you for who you are
  • help you grow as a person
  • don’t expect you to think the same way they do
  • stick with you, whether you’re going through good or bad times
  • listen as well as give advice
  • don’t always expect you to hang out with them
  • are happy to be equal and don’t always want to be in charge
  • value your friendship and show or tell you that they do
  • will say sorry and make up when things go wrong

Bad friends

  • may want you just for themselves and be unwilling to allow you to mix with others
  • lower your confidence
  • leave you unsure about who you are
  • may mock your opinions and values
  • talk down to you and may even tell you you’re stupid
  • take you and your friendship for granted
  • may force you to behave in a way you’re not comfortable with
  • tell you what to do and don’t let you have your say
  • never let you lead the relationship, but make you follow their lead
  • refuse to say sorry or admit they’re wrong when you fall out

Top tips for being a good friend

Freinds illustration Friendship is about give and take. Make sure you’re generous in the way you treat your friends.
Avoid gossip. Never feed the rumour mill, especially when it’s about your friends.
Heart illustration Be prepared to invest in friendships; they don’t happen overnight.

More helpful info

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