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Moving on to adult services

Why do I need to change services?

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provides services for young people of school age. You may still be using our service when you’re 18, but you may also need support after that. If you and your key worker feel you need to see someone for a while longer, you could be referred to adult services. This process is known as ‘transition’.

How will my care be different?

Adult services may be a little different from the services you’ve used up to now. Your appointments may be less regular and you may be seen more often on your own without your family. You will still have a key worker (care coordinator) and in some cases a doctor though.

How will it happen?

Your key worker will discuss your move between services with you and outline what’ll happen.

Together you’ll draw up a transition plan, which gives you the opportunity to say what you’d like to happen in the future and what support services you’d like to receive.

Your worker will also look at what services are available and which services they need contact on your behalf. This should happen about six months before you change to adult services. Your key worker or a psychiatrist, if you have one, will write to the team which covers your area.

A transition meeting will be organised for you and your family – if you want them there. A person called a transitional care coordinator may be at this meeting and you can talk to them about changing services, if you want to. Someone from the adult services will meet you and your family so you can start to get to know them.

When will I move across to adult services?

One of the things which might happen at the transition meeting is setting a date for your first appointments with adult services and a plan for phasing out your visits to CAMHS. The process often happens gradually, with appointments at both services for a short time, if you find it reassuring. This will all be discussed with you and your family.

What if I need to go into hospital?

Adult services try to avoid admitting patients to hospital and have a crisis team to help you stay at home when things are difficult. However, if you did need to go into hospital this would be discussed with you.

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