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Young person struggling with your thoughts and feelings illustration

Life has its up and downs and sometimes it can be difficult to deal with these challenges.

One in four people struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. Your age, background, gender, race or religion don’t make any difference when it comes to how you do or don’t cope. What matters is knowing how to look after your mental health.

If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings - you’re not alone.

Better out than in

If you’re struggling with what’s going on in your head, don’t be scared to talk about it. It might feel tough at first, but getting it out in the open will really help. Remember lots of young people feel exactly the same as you.

Talk to someone you trust, and look into Getting support. You’re not alone. You can learn to cope and even put these problems behind you with the right support.

Be good to yourself

It’s really important to look after your body and mind. If you give time to feeling good, you’ll be helping yourself stay healthy. So:

  • think positive
  • eat and exercise well
  • take time out to do things you enjoy
  • spend time with good friends and family
  • talk about things on your mind with people you trust

Local support & information

Barnardo’s Queens Road – WRAP

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) aims to empower young people to take control of their health and wellness, using lots of different self-help tools, fun interactive group activities and peer support.

If you're interested in getting involved then get in touch with Nicola Swales on 01274 481 183 or

Information Shop for Young People

Offering free and confidential advice to young people aged up to 25. We are here to help with any queries you might have about anything that affects your life.

Based within Culture Fusion building in Bradford – 01274 432 431 or email the team on
Based in the Town Hall in Keighley – 01535 618 100 or email the team on

Sharing Voices

This project provides support to young people who are experiencing emotional distress and vulnerability. Sharing Voices’ community development workers deliver one-to-one sessions to schools in Bradford.

You can speak to the team by telephone on 01274 731 166, or by emailing

Child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS)

We are here to help children and young people in our local area who may be having problems. They may be very upset or very angry, they may be behaving in unusual ways, or their family or carers, friends or teachers may be very worried about them. See your GP or school nurse to arrange to meet with someone from the CAMHS team.

Need urgent help?

Talk to someone