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Self harm illustration

Self-harm is when a young person chooses to inflict pain on themselves in some way. Problems can build up to a point where young people feel that they can no longer cope. Young people often say it feels like a release when they self-harm as they use it as a coping mechanism to deal with their problems.

You might think self-harm is all about cutting, but it can involve:

  • burning
  • pinching
  • hitting
  • biting
  • scratching yourself, and
  • pulling your hair out

or you might:

  • overdose
  • abuse alcohol and / or drugs
  • make yourself sick or ill

You may self-harm because you feel anxious, depressed or stressed and you feel you do not have a support network or a way to deal with your problems.

Sadly, one in five 15-year olds in Britain has self-harmed in the last year. If you self-harm you’re not alone and there’s lots of help and support out there.

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