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Suicidal thoughts

Struggling to cope?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or feel like life has hit rock bottom, you may think life is not worth living.

However bad you feel, you need to know you’re not alone, you can get help and there’s people who want to listen and help.

With the right support; things can get better.

Ask for help

Talking to someone can really help clear your mind. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself.

If you, or someone you know, is thinking about ending their life, there are lots of people willing to listen and help. You may struggle, but talking to someone in your family or a friend will help.

If it’s too hard to talk to someone you know, then here’s some options to talk to someone on the phone, via online chat or email.

Don't go it alone

For some people suicidal thoughts come and go quickly. For others, they become an obsession and a battle.

Just because you feel desperate, doesn’t mean you will do anything with these thoughts. The most important thing is to talk to someone else, and not try to go on alone.

Top tips for getting help

Untangle thoughts illustration Sometimes when you feel desperate, you can’t even get to the bottom of why you feel that way. Try to find someone who’s a good listener who can help you untangle your thoughts.
Never convince yourself suicide is the only way out. These desperate thoughts will pass, and with help you can find many good reasons to live life and live it to the full.
Food illustration It’s really important you don’t give yourself a hard time. Look after yourself, take a walk, eat and drink well, if you’re feeling very low.
Also, give yourself a break and a change of scene so you can put some space between you and your thoughts. You need to give your mind something else to think of.

More helpful info

Childline have a friendly and experienced team who are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are really struggling, do get in touch with them.

People sometimes try to take their own life when they feel that they have nothing to live for. Everyone has something to live for. Take a look at this great advice from the BBC.

Papyrus are a really great organisation who really want to help young people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Need urgent help?

Talk to someone